Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Toyscape 2015

As part of CAS project Bureau of Exchange (2015) pupils from a local primary school took part in a series of workshops I was running. The workshops comprised of building sculptures, using broken toys and modroc. The pupils worked with CAS artist, Isaac Whitcombe, who took residency at the school for six months. They learned about Gainsborough's painting, entitled, 'Mr and Mrs Andrews' (1750) and discussed different aspects, including the concept of 'landscape'. In the workshop I introduced the idea that toys are changing with the advance of digital technology. I asked what will happen to today's toys in twenty years time, will they be forgotten? This led to the idea of building a 'Toyscape'. The children arranged the toys in various compositions; wrapped the structure in cling-film, then built layers of modroc.      

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