Monday, 7 May 2012

Art lessons for home educating families
will start again in September 2012

Group One - Age: 8 – 11

Group Two - Age: 5 - 7

Place, day and time: Have yet to be decided

Price: £10 per child. Discount is available for families with more than one child.
The lessons are planned to suit the participants’ needs, age and abilities.
Brief for Group One:  The aims are to introduce basic art skills and concepts; to nurture the participants’ own creativity and love of making art works; to develop critical thinking.

Skills include: research skills, drawing from observation, getting to know different materials such as ink, charcoal and paint, working with digital cameras, Power-Point presentation and Photoshop.

Concepts include: perspective, line, surface, texture and composition.

Art concepts and artworks will be discussed in the contexts of art history and contemporary art. This will enable to develop a deeper understanding of art.  Lessons will also include visits to art galleries.

Brief for Group Two: The aim is to develop creative thinking by nurturing the imagination.  

Method: Learning through free making. Children will be free to follow their own ideas. Technical help will be given. Children will be encouraged to talk about their artworks.        

Contact details: m. 07709238966 Email

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